Coaching for the many – not the few!

The use of external coaches is well established for senior leaders and people in whom there is a willingness to make a substantial investment in fulfilling their potential. But this leaves swathes of people whose performance and career could benefit so much from some timely and personalised coaching, and yet are left largely reliant on the good will of their colleagues or manager.

In Skillbase we have introduced a Managed Coaching Service.

We work with our clients to identify a number of people (normally 4 or more) who could particularly benefit from one to one coaching, match each of them with the right coach and provide a coaching programme normally lasting about 4-6 months.

This is all made affordable by each of our coaches carrying out coaching sessions for several people they have been matched with on one day, and by using a mix of face to face and remote working. From as little as £1200 per person all the benefits of an executive style coaching programme can be made available – delivering performance improvement rarely achieved from a day of training at the same cost.

More about Skillbase Managed Coaching Services

Our coaches have skills and experience across multiple clients in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Along with their coaching qualifications and experience, our team also bring specialist capability in a number of psychometric tools and development methods.

Our methodology has been designed to ensure that the person being coached and their organisation are aligned throughout the process, with a focus on clear goals and outcomes.

A simple process and documentation support the identification and delivery of tangible benefits and a demonstrable return on investment.

Each coaching assignment is formally completed in a review with all participants to identify any next steps that may be required and to assess the quality of the service provided by the coach.

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