Assessment Services

The best processes, ensuring the best people fit

Assessment Service

A key challenge for any organisation is positioning the right people in the right role. Skillbase offers a range of bespoke selection, assessment and development centres to help you shape a workforce fit for the future. Our services can be scaled to encompass anything from a single role to the whole organisation.

We can provide three kinds of Assessment Services which target specific situations:

  • Development Centres – allow your organisation to identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes of individuals. Where development opportunities are recognised, they are addressed by producing a tailored, ongoing development plan to support each person in their future growth. The information collected from a number of centres can be collated and Training Needs Analysis reports can be created for the organisation or job role.
  • Assessment Centres – examine your existing peoples’ capabilities, in order to restructure or redeploy your workforce and create a strong platform for succession planning.
  • Selection Centres – involve the two main processes of shortlisting and assessing both internal and external applicants in order to decide on the right candidate to fill a vacancy. Selection centres can be used to hire a fresh graduate intake, a complete team or to fill a specific role.

Our Approach to Assessment Services

We adopt, adapt or build capability or competency frameworks so you know exactly what you need from your people.

We selectively use psychometric tests when requested. We are not tied to one provider, so are able to select a 360 or psychometric tool to match your needs and budget. We can also develop an internal 360 process for you.

We develop appropriate simulation exercises to meet your requirements. These exercises can target key professional skills through the use of generic Real plays, or can be based on specific business practice in your organisation.

We create tasks to demonstrate the candidates’ ability to work as both an individual and as part of a team, for example a candidate presentation, or a group problem solving task.

We create rigorous and effective interviews:

  • Screening and telephone interviews in advance of a centre;
  • Competency Based focusing on past performance;
  • Situational looking to future performance.

We manage the calibration of decisions about candidates to ensure balanced decisions based on tangible evidence from a range of activities observed by multiple and impartial assessors.

We are happy to provide feedback to candidates when appropriate, to ensure we deliver each of them personal value from our assessment service.

We can provide an Assessment Centre Manager and Administrator so you don’t get distracted by the practicalities of running the centre and can focus on your people.