Management & Leadership Academies

Management Academy

Our Management and Leadership Academies take your employees on a journey of discovery, returning with a better understanding of themselves and how to achieve maximum impact in your business.

Our Academies are composed of a number of practical workshops (duration and content agreed with you) normally over a six to nine month period.

Our Management Academies focus on helping managers (and aspiring managers) to ‘get things done, through others’.  Management is a critical function in any business, large or small.  We introduce our delegates to public domain best practice ideas and methods that are tried and tested, and provide the space and time to learn from each other as well as from the ‘experts’.

Our Leadership Academies are truly bespoke.  Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes.  Transformational? Transactional? Authentic? Empathetic? Heroic? … the list goes on.  We work with you to identify the Leadership definition(s) that work in your organisation, your culture, your mindset, and build an Academy to stretch the thinking of your Leaders to take your organisation forward.

Our Approach to Management and Leadership Academies

We are bold in our approach.  We have recently exposed Managers and Leaders in one of our Academies to the skills of Tai Chi, to explore the management of stress in the workplace.  We have used world-class chefs to challenge Leaders’ cookery skills to explore their ability to learn from experience.  Our delegates have learnt Improvisation techniques to help them think on their feet, and Storytelling to inspire others.

We are one of the first organisations in the UK to be certified in the use of the latest tool on Learning Agility – recognized as a critical attribute of any leader in the 21st century.

Whatever your Management and Leadership needs, we have ideas and solutions waiting for you.