Training and Development

Improving performance, maximizing results

Training and Development

We offer a broad range of Training and Development solutions to support:

  • Learning Needs Assessment
  • Competency & Assessment Profiling
  • Learning and Development Programme Design
  • Leadership and Management Development Training
  • Professional and Personal Skills Development
  • Individual and Team Coaching
  • Induction


Empowering your people, evolving your business

Our courses are available as a standard offering or can be developed to provide a customised programme to fit your needs. Course duration is tailored to satisfy your requirement – always with the end learning in mind.

We understand the challenges of developing people in a busy world and through experience with clients needs we have developed a basic course curriculum that is structured to reflect key areas of development:

Providing Outstanding Service
– suggested for employees operating in clerical, administrative and advisory positions
Maintaining Professional Standards
– aimed at those working in a professional, supervisory or specialist role
Adding Commercial Value
– proposed for Leaders, Managers and Assistant Managers

Our Approach to Training and Development

At Skillbase, all of our courses are based on experiential learning. We always remember that individuals have different learning styles and this forms the basis of our flexible approach to learning and development.

Use of a multi-method blend of learning activities not only provides stimulation but increases the likelihood of retention of information and therefore a lasting behavioural change. Our classroom offerings can be supported by e-learning pre and post course.

For fully blended learning packages, we can provide an online Learning Management System (LMS) to combine materials in one easily accessible facility for users. This can incorporate any of the following features:

  • Welcome page and engagement communication
  • Webinars
  • Face to face course descriptions
  • Face to face enrolment service
  • Pre and post course reading materials/activities
    • Individual self-assessment questionnaire to determine development opportunities
  • Summary of resources utilised and courses attended
  • Self-review facility